Behind the scenes shot, courtesy of associate photographer, Alex Jones

my wedding photos were taken by  joel & justyna

my wedding photos were taken by joel & justyna

Recent self-portrait taken as part of a series of my family.

Recent self-portrait taken as part of a series of my family.


One of the most common statements I get prior to any session is “I hate being in front of the camera” or “I am not photogenic” and then I get to see a physical representation of how that person thinks they look in photographs. It’s always funny! But, I’m here to tell you that 99% of people are not fans of having their photo taken — those that do are generally professionals. It’s totally ok and normal to feel this way and I work with it all the time. Everyone you see on my website had those same feelings. There are methods and ways to work with this that break down those walls and everyone walks away with photos they love, even of themselves!

Another thing you should know is that it doesn’t have to be painful. All of my engaged couples have walked away from their sessions remarking on not only how painless it felt but actually how F U N it was — a totally different kind of date.

Getting Married?

I’ll never forget how I felt walking into a room surrounded by everyone I loved as I walked toward Dave to marry him. Or how much I love my wedding photo album and the story it tells to this day.

Weddings are a celebration, momentous in their occasion and they should be shared now and passed on for generations to come (see my little story about my grandparents wedding album here). As your photographer, your wedding day moments will be captured with a timeless sensibility, rooted in exquisite light and candid celebration.

For all my couples, I like to jump on the phone initially before any contract is signed so that we can really get a good sense of personalities matching. Remember, the person you hire should be someone you don’t mind following you around all day. It all starts with good clear communication :) and so with that said, my current package pricing starts at $2150.

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I love taking portraits — no one portrait can singularly encapsulate who a person is but it can certainly tell a story. Perhaps it’s what you’d like to capture for your working life; or perhaps it’s a moment in time with your family.

Context is everything when it comes to pricing, portrait sessions run a minimum of one hour with families and start at a base price of $249

Corporate and company head shots are priced differently and require further details for a quoted price.

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Event Photography

I shoot events in and around Montreal for different companies mostly — cocktail hours, speaker panels and holiday parties to name a few that I have done over the last year. These images are excellent for your company culture, to share over slack, on your social media channels and website.

Most of the time I sign NDA’s and so you will not see much of the work here on my site. I am happy to send over a few samples upon inquiry.

Since all of these events are different in scope, pricing requires a conversation, so please click here to inquire.