Portrait: Hilary & Ruby at home

Every once in a while I get a vision of a portrait. And I follow that instinct, I don’t immediately question the WHY of the portrait, but rather hope that I can somehow create it. This portrait session is exactly that. Hilary is a friend and neighbor, an inspiration and a woman that knows what’s up. Her little Ruby and I bonded one year when both our families were up at a mutual friend’s cottage and Ruby said “I want to hold That Lady’s hand” on our walk. I mean. Yes, forever and always, I will be her That Lady.

So, the Why.

The significance of this room is not lost on me — Hilary invites many over to her home and she cooks for them. She creates family within circles of friends. There is love here at this table, community shapes itself around it. And this type of value for communion is also brought into her business, Grumman ‘78, fostering connection over good food. I saw this room as almost the inside of a heart, warm and inviting, filled with love, memory and pineapples. And in the heart of that heart are Hilary & Ruby.