Portrait: A Very Kavanagh Family Portrait Session

One of my favorite movies is The Grand Budapest hotel and I like a lot of other Wes Anderson movies too - his attention to detail and eye for aesthetics and color is a continual inspiration - and walking into Beau & Sarah’s home felt a little bit like walking on to one of his sets.

And so here’s the thing, when I was in Nicaragua last winter I noticed, very quickly, the absence of IKEA-fication. All the chairs were made of wood that was not pine. We’re so used to seeing their furniture in our daily lives, that when a whole country seems without it, becomes instantly interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I still find myself in the napkin vortex of the marketplace, questioning whether I might need more carpet runners and agonizing over curtain sizing.

However, as I try to consider what small little increments I can do to quell my growing state of panic over politics and climate, my intention is to invest better. That can start simply by taking the time to find pieces that have history, that hold a level of artistry and craftsmanship, that give our spaces a different personality.

If you’re interested in doing just this, take a look at Beau’s shop and auction house here. Worth it.

Back to the photo shoot, this was hands up fun. The Kavanagh family was down to play and we had a great time. Thank you Sarah, Beau, and kids! I had a really hard time choosing which ones to showcase here as so many are favorites and not all of those made it up here, but enjoy :)

PS. one little plug here about GIFTING portrait sessions, I have reduced the amount of 2019 sessions available at the price of $150 … there are five of these left which you can purchase here.