Portrait: Caterina & her dog, Charlie

Caterina and I are interconnected in so many ways in Montreal and yet have never formally met. When she got in touch with me for her portrait, I remembered that years ago I had seen her speak about her experience co-founding Breather at a Women’s start-up event through the Girl Geeks (something I attended off & off for years).

Ultra-creative and prolific in her endeavors.. to name a few of her ventures Dot & Speckle, St-Henri Preserves and Breather. As a stylist herself there were many ideas shared prior to the shoot. And ps. I’ll give anyone who sends a mood board to me a double high five! (You can see some of my boards here).

Family is loosely defined here in my Holiday Mini-Sessions — and here Caterina and Charlie are their own little family. I know many people who consider their friends as their family; family doesn’t have to be defined by birthright. And choosing to get your portrait done with those you love is an excellent way to hallmark your relationship as something important to you.

Here are a few of my favorites from the portrait mini-session. Thank you to Caterina & Charlie for a fun, collaborative, snowy-viewed morning.