Website Launch!

Hello & Welcome!

This has been a tremendous work in progress and I am very proud to officially "launch" this site, even though it has been up and running for a while.

I've been slowly adding and refining, something I know I will continue to do as this site evolves, but I am ready for this to be a real recognized entity.

This website is a portfolio and a place for me to tell stories. I love combining images to see how they can play off of each other, which is why you will see in desktop form an effect where images are framed by the tail end and start of other frames.

To get an idea of where I am headed in 2018, read a little bit About Me.

I have a few photographic stories up, with many more backlogged to come so stay tuned. But check out my trip to California, or some landscapes of Kilkee, a birthday celebration I went to in Ottawa this summer, an afternoon by the river and snaps of a friend's homestead.

Stay tuned, more news ahead. But whew! First post done.

- Annabelle