Portrait & Inspiration: Van Eyck, Annie Leibovitz and Elizabeth

A while back ago I took a few portraits of my sister and as an aside, I wanted to try to replicate the light seen in Portrait of a Man (Jan Van Eyck painting).

Jan Van Eyck's Portrait of a Man (possibly a self-portrait)

In my dream last night, I found Annie Liebovitz in my childhood home and I gave her a hug, this is most likely influenced by all the reassurance she has provided me in her Masterclass. Photography for her is more about Seeing, rather than the technical process of it. It's inspiring for me to know that even now, she is not satisfied with her work in color (it really is the hardest thing) and that each portrait is its own challenge. I love her tenacity and her drive to go back, do it again, and try new things.

As inspiration, I also used this image (Alphonse Mucha's painting) when working on these images of my sister.

Portrait of Mucha's daughter, by Alphonse Mucha