Instagram travel photography has replaced those slide show parties that many of you won't remember, and with it there has been a boom in cultivating experience over stuff and things. The fallout from this is that we are all just taking the same photos - as seen in this video

One of my favorite photographs about Travel is this one taken by Martin Parr, a photographer with a knack of capturing the absurd and banal.

Photo via Magnum Photos.

So when it came to our trip to Nicaragua, I put down the phone and shot mostly with my camera. I decided not to post anything on Instagram until I came back and properly filtered my trip from my own viewpoint. I feel like in the past I have been more eager to share the experience vs. EXPERIENCE the experience if I am on my phone all the time.

It has taken me a full month to edit my photographs from our two week trip, where we stayed at a hotel in Granada; the most magical treehouse in Laguna De Apoyo; with a family on the Island of Ometepe and finally, winding down for a week at an airbnb in San Juan Del Sur.

I am so happy to say that the photographs from our trip are now posted here!

I wanted this work feel personal, that it is really through my eyes, but at the same time it provides a glimpse of all that Nicaragua has to offer. Not seen are all the animals we saw (farm animals, humpback whales, howler monkeys, hermit crabs, dogs, cats, pelicans, vultures, stingrays, etc.) and the food we ate (all delicious, I just tried to replicate a paella we ate the other night and ... uhmmm it needs some work)... but I opted to give more of a sense of space and geography.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about where to stay, where to go etc.