Self Portrait & Inspiration: All that is gold

Last week I hit a wall color balancing tropical greens. I decided to take the afternoon off from the computer and work on something I had been playing with in my mind for a while. I knew I wanted to do something with blue & gold - basically a break from vibrant greens and leftover yellow and weird burnt orange - a refreshing color palate cleanser.

I thought it would be interesting to show here just how I use inspiration when I am composing an idea and how it all comes together.

These are the three main images I used to inspire the direction for my self-portrait:

  1. The blue & gold color in this portrait of Michelle Williams by Ryan McGinley
  2. The use of light and posing here on the portrait of Nicole Kidman by Annie Leibovitz
  3. The estranged/strange feeling and posing in Christina's World, painting by Andrew Wyeth

Personally, I am weary of seeing women in repose, of looking vulnerable and wanton. In portraiture, I want to capture women taking up their deserved space instead of looking for your approval.

And yet, how do I navigate the reality?

In the era of #metoo and the continuous reveal that women are still not paid equally despite what the world requires of them (see this article in The Guardian)... it's difficult not to feel like this whole Being A Woman gig is rigged.

So, without any further explaining, here is the visual result.