Archival work for Sale

AnnabelleAgnew_Medicine Cabinets

One of the big projects I have had this year is organizing and clearing out decades of old photographs. I'm getting there!

I've always liked these prints, as imperfect as they are, and over the years certain variations have found themselves on display in friends homes.  See below image & link on how a designer friend, Le Klein, incorporated them into her Blanc de Blanc beautiful condo as seen here on her website. I want them all to find beloved walls vs. remaining in an Ilford paper box.

Image courtesy Le Klein

The Medicine Cabinets are indirect portraits of people (mostly friends of mine), largely inspired by my judgmental teenager years as a pharmacy cashier. I found it hard not to form opinions on complete strangers based on their shopping cart.

And when I think of this now, isn't that similar to what the algorithms are doing today?

Can you really know a person based on their contents?

The series are 16x20 archival black & white prints created using a large format camera which proved technically difficult in small spaces.

All prints vary slightly and are part of a VERY limited series (i.e. stock ranges from 1 to 5 prints maximum), will most likely never be printed again. They are priced so that they can find a home, they are no good sitting in a box.

To purchase one (or many) of this very limited, very affordable, set of archival black & white prints - click here.