Wedding Guest Photos - Carley & Richard

Amidst kid birthdays, two graduations, a parkour-related heel accident that toes the line of the ridiculous, and work on top of that, we managed to throw in a nine hour road trip to Stratford, Ontario to attend my cousin Carley's wedding to Richard.


As a guest, I wanted to be mindful of not getting in the way of the official photographer -- he had enough on his plate and last thing I would want as a photographer is some wedding guest to stand in the way of their shots throughout the day. Not to mention that as a guest I also wanted to be present for the wedding day itself.


That said, I had borrowed a Fuji XT2 Camera (from Lozeau) and I really wanted to try it out ... I'll write more on that later. (But HINT, I have since bought it).


So I have put together a small story -- it's not the usual bride & groom-centric story, as I wanted to leave that to the principal photographer hired for their wedding, but I did put together a more guest oriented series of photos that show the lead in to the day and the moments I found myself within.


I love going back to Stratford, not because this is where Justin Bieber grew up, but because my mother grew up there and most of her family still lives in town. I have a lot of childhood memories of summers spent feeding the swans and listening to the Stratford festival cannons sound off. As always, I found myself back at Balzacs and peering into all the lovely shops, finding a massive black licorice score at the local German butcher shop. You have no idea how happy that made me. 

The wedding itself was warm, a little rainy but after a brief moment of potentially moving the ceremony inside the tent, we all stood for the nuptials in the originally designated spot. The kids, well, they had a blast. What kid doesn't love a wedding? And I find a lot of my photos include them. You can see the story here.