Family Portrait Session, Hallmarking A Decade

I met Tiffany when she walked through the doors of our sewing atelier (I co-owned it with Emeline) and as was the nature of the space, we got to know her as we did with many women that came in to make things and drink our coffee. Our doors closed mid-2012, but connections and friendships continued to build beyond those walls.

While at times that shop can feel like it was just yesterday, I can look back at just even a few of the women I became acquainted with and know that in each of their lives, a lot has happened.

I talk frequently enough about the relevance of portraiture, and family photo albums. We often take pictures of our kids and post them for social media. But if we’re not careful, we’ll lose those heirlooms we can pass on for our future history lessons. No one will want to search through your ‘feed’. An album, a snapshot in time, tells a story. Don’t forget to take photos of your self with your children (MOMS especially!). They will want to have a record of you as part of their lives.

And for this story, we’re on the eve of celebrating a decade of being a Mom, of watching a child grow into a full-fledged boy, of how time can feel so long and then suddenly so short.

This is also a story about how the darkness can suddenly befall our lives and how light can feel elusive, battling a path through the shadows. Then suddenly, there are small waves of light that beam into moments, offering a glimpse at a new path to discover and redefine our stories.