A Portrait before the Big Move

Turns out that burying myself into a client’s Christmas tree is a new fun way to break the ice and make yourself at home during a portrait session. And Sarah, Elliott and Munroe were instantly welcoming with a cup of coffee on a cold winter’s afternoon earlier in December.

They explained to me that after fifteen years of living in Montreal, they have made a big decision to return out West to pursue career opportunities there - but prior to leaving they wanted to have a portrait of themselves inside their home that they have loved living in for so long.

“Thanks for taking those detail shots of the house. I wouldn’t have thought to ask for them and they really round out the portraits." - Sarah

Our spaces are important, they shape our memories, our histories and personality. When I take portraits, it feels important to me to shape the context of that narrative through the spaces that surround us. What do you look at as you stare out your window everyday? What mug do you drink coffee out of while you stare out it? What books surround you? What art makes it to your walls? These tell a story.

Thank you to Sarah & Elliott for inviting me into your home & I wish you all the best on your big move! ps. I look forward to following your adventures through @munroeisyourfriend