Family Portrait in Westmount Park

It’s been a couple days back and there have been a few shifts in my current website platform that have required some exploration and adjustment on my end. HOWEVER I am finding solutions to even greater problems which is allowing me to get more creative in publishing a narrative with my photography sessions.

Behold! New layout and a new way to read stories. This portrait session was my last of the holiday season with good friends Katie & Adam with their son Henry.

It was an un-seasonally balmy Saturday morning and rather quiet in Westmount Park. The Greenhouse, if you don’t know, has been empty for over a year now and while this is disappointing on one level (as it’s always been a great quick escape in the winter) on this particular morning the sun shone through it brilliantly.

I love this series of photos because of the light and also how open and playful Katie & Adam were — for the last part of this story we really went for the sci-fi inspired doomed dystopian future Couple Portrait since they are both longtime fans of all those things. Thank you Katie, Adam & Henry!