Fallen from the sky: a photographic study of a parachute dress

Earlier in the Fall, I did a small photo session of this parachute dress designed by Concordia’s Design & Computation Arts professor PK Langshaw.

However, it was only after the session was completed that PK told me how significant parachute material was to post-WWII brides, when materials were rationed, scarce and expensive. She said (and I am paraphrasing here) that war and scarcity actually make us embrace more sustainable practices. For brides, “the only silk available could be a groom’s parachute, and if it wasn’t damaged, it could be eventually be transformed into a stunning wedding gown.” (Source: Vintage News)

It’s food for thought. It can be easy to fall into the details vortex during the wedding planning phase, I know I did. Looking back: what mattered most were the moments, food & drink, dancefloor inspiring music and celebrating such an incredible occasion with everyone in that room. No one talks about the 100 table napkins that I sewed.

Thank you Cody for being such a beautiful model, and PK for loaning me her dress and circular window!

For more about this dress, visit this link.