Summer Vacation in Prince Edward County

The irony is not lost on me that I am only getting to finalizing my vacation photographs from 2018 at the start of 2019; but that’s how the priorities rolled for the latter half of 2018.

This past summer we took it easy, we said no to camping, we said no to group trips, we didn’t try to go too far and we didn’t add too much on our vacation plate. We wanted to drive down country roads, sit by the pool or the waters of Sandbanks, drink a glass of wine at local vineyards, roast marshmallows with our kids by the fire and eat everything in plain sight. It was balmy, summery, and I rarely took my camera out. This was about being present… but sometimes the light was too good and the moment could not be passed up.

Looking at these photos now, as I sit slightly cold from the weather outside, it’s a reminder that life isn’t always lived in many layers of clothing. That the light can last until almost midnight; feel like velvet. That the breeze can be something you welcome versus turn away from.

Anyway. A few photos from our vacation in Prince Edward County. Hopefully we’ll be back again soon.