NYE Retreat to the Holiday Chalet

Sometimes you just get it all wrong and that’s what I did over the holidays, I put too much on my plate even though I know better. For this year, I shut down all work-related projects in the first week of December because unfortunately I just can not cancel Christmas.

So when it came to the 22nd of December and finally shutting it all down, I decided a social media break was in order too. Look, most of us recognize it’s not the best space and I do my best to use it in a professional capacity but I still fall into the mindless vortex. Breaks are great because it reminds me that there is a whole world out there NOT on Instagram. It feels good and it resets my priority which is to actually BE with and around people vs. alone and isolated envying them.

Every two years we meet up with friends at a Chalet that perfectly suits our three families, the kids take off and play and we sit by the fire, eat, take walks and generally do very little. My mission for this trip was to take photos of nature that felt different to typical shots of nature.

Nature is beautiful and often that beauty gets lost in a photograph… so the challenge for me is to make it interesting vs. trying to capture it. I don’t know that I have succeeded yet, but there are a few in this series of photographs that I like right now. Enjoy!