February Flowers


It’s been a little hectic in the personal life department the last two weeks as we venture into some big renovations. We moved out temporarily and are all squeezed into a really cute one bedroom nearby our house. Despite the personal space issues that come with a move like this, the apartment itself has some beautiful light both in the morning and at sunset. And I’ve noticed over the last few days that the sun is still out at 5:00 p.m.

We’re doing these renovations now because our lives are relatively “quieter” professionally and so it’s also a time that I like to try out some things that I have in my brain. What I like about these types of still life exercises is that so much of what’s in my head does not work in practice, but the results are always so interesting and satisfying.

These flowers are placed in sunset light against a black backdrop, the red satin & yellow vase picked up in consignment shops. I really wanted to embrace some vibrant color… I think I would have preferred a blue background. So… next time.