Ecobrides Ottawa Pop-Up Shoppe

I was slightly dreading the whole process of buying a wedding dress - one of my bridesmaids basically dragged me to an appointment as she was way more aware of the Dress Timeline than I was. Imagine my surprise at the utter and complete glee I experienced trying on dresses I would never wear in any other circumstance… it was truly remarkably fun and I found my dress pretty quickly in the first shop we visited.

Dress Fitting

Dress Fitting

I knew the moment I put on The Dress — and I don’t regret the money spent on it for a second. (haha!) I felt great in it throughout our wedding and love it to this day.

What I didn’t love was how sad and forlorn it was in my closet after our wedding. It also took up a crazy amount of space. I delayed getting it cleaned for too long. I knew I wouldn’t be insisting my daughter wear it for some someday wedding… she will have her own choices if she chooses to get married.

So when a bride I photographed last summer (and have since become good chums with) announced her Ecobrides Ottawa Pop Up Shoppe over Facebook I was all over it. I loved the idea of someone else trying on my dress and making it her own. I loved the concept of consignment with a boutique bridal experience.

Kaara is an inspiring entrepreneur and is so friendly & charming you will feel like you have known her forever. So I was YES to all of this Dress Idea and sold my dress through her shop last month.

If you are looking for beautiful dresses without the premium pricing attached (all dresses sell under $1000… I paid $3500 for my dress) this is something you should investigate!

Go visit Ecobrides Ottawa Pop-up Shoppe now and make an appointment for the next round of available dresses!