Family Portrait at Montreal's Botanical Gardens

Over the holidays I had a Portrait Mini-session Sale and so I was delighted one morning to see that a roommate of mine from almost 15 years ago had purchased one for her and her very young family. It’s funny how much time can pass and so little can change, and yet so much?

When it came to this specific session I knew that Stephanie & David’s youngest boy had just started walking… and if you’ve had or have hung out with kids that have just started walking, that’s ALL they want to do. So getting a large enough space to wander (without snowsuits) was paramount for this session. Also, most toddlers dislike performing for a camera or having pressure put on for them to do so, so really… there needed to be the space and a level of distraction (like butterflies!) for them to feel like they were not on display.

You would never guess from these photos of Stephanie, David & their kids at just how busy it was in there and so I am giving myself huge props for that! I love a lot of these photos, the wonderful thing about the Botanical Gardens is the access to infinite amounts of natural light.

Many thanks again to Stephanie, David & their cute little boys!!! It was so great to hang out and see the butterflies with you. <3