Renovations, weddings, and life lessons


February 2019… it’s the shortest month of the year. But man, A LOT can happen.

We knew we were in for a bit of an upheaval as this month was the start of all the renovations we’ve been slowly planning for the last two years. We pulled back the layers and layers of previous updates in our 120 year old home, found newspapers in the walls from 1892, and moved into a teensy one bedroom apartment for the next few months. I’m not complaining because I am excited for the results…. but it adds a layer of juggling in my schedule to balance all the things AND go to every tile store in the city.


While winter months are considered slower for wedding photographers, I did shoot a couple small corporate projects which I am hoping to post about soon. On the flip side, keeping up with inquiries, meeting couples and signing contracts have really kicked up a notch as we get ready for the wedding season. I am REALLY really looking forward to this one and it all kicks off on May 4th at the Mount Stephen this year.

And then… life hit me in the face. I have been through enough in my life to “know” not to take it for granted, that things happen without reason or warning… but it does not matter. You are never quite ready. So I found myself on a plane to Paris over a week ago hoping for a miracle and getting small mercies which turn into better news each day. If I can offer any advice to any of you reading: never ever lessen the importance of celebration. Of acknowledging your love for those you love. Let it go. You actually never know when it will be the last time.