For the love of yellow


Inspiration is a wonderful wild beast that is admirable from afar, and feels overpowering when it spurs you to action.

This self-portrait started ages ago with a very loose idea of featuring the color yellow. I am a newfound fan of Erik Madigan Heck (requesting his book for my Christmas gift this year) who is never afraid to commit to color and I wanted a portrait that had some color-play inside it. To execute it, though, took some time to consider as I find that while I might love other artists work… I am not trying to be them. This is always the push & pull of inspiration. How do you take all the things and make them your own?

Specifically, I love any artist that is bold in their choices. It inspires me to do the same in my own way.

I dropped into ERA Vintage Wear a while back ago… not quite sure of what I was looking for and with a limited budget, but I found this beautiful Christian Dior headpiece that for me felt timeless, elegant and held interesting shapes that would make good photographs. The owner of the shop opened up a hatbox filled with lovely textured scarves and this yellow one seemed to float throughout… I picked this up too. Two disparate elements that eventually found themselves together for this portrait.

The silver lining about this temporary and very small apartment that we’re living in is that it has access to light from a third floor perspective. There is a tree (without leaves right now) that dances in front of the window just at sunset, and creates this very small patch of light that I find myself staring at on the daily.

And so … the other day, after meeting a good friend for catch up coffee and hot yoga… which I forget really can relax your neck in a -20 filled March… I came home to find this patch of light and I played with all the things I had been toying with in my head.

Needless to say, I am really happy with the result.