NYC Art Trip

A while ago my friend Sue suggested we take our friend Emeline down to NYC for her birthday so she could see the Hilma af Klint show at the Guggenheim just before it closed.

You know when a plan happens and then everything in life seems to pave its way to ensure that not only does the plan happen — but it happens so much easier than it normally would? We got a HUGE airbnb in Harlem at a reduced rate with the best Superhost; we had perfect road trip with almost no traffic at the borders; we met so many people and sometimes met them again randomly later in other parts of the city; we got our aura photographs taken and read at Magic Jewelry - crazy experience; and one of my favorite photographers Erik Madigan Heck re-posted my story of seeing his show at the Staley Wise Gallery on his Instagram. Big. Deal.

When I am with friends I have this rule of not sticking my camera in their face the whole time — I am highly sensitive to the social media landscape (and creating weird FOMO) so I do my best to follow a set of guidelines I created for myself. These help me stay focused on talking to my friends and eating delicious food like the Cacio e Pepe I ate on a Terrace in NoLiTa (and then we found out later that Naomi Campbell and Marc Jacobs took our table after we left.)

With all that said, here are a few photos from our spring trip to NYC. Hellllllo Cherry Blossoms. Did I mention going back to The Met? I love The Met.