Modern Rustic House Tour of West Island Home

My friend Angelique is a passionate Jonathan Van Ness-esque personality who strides right past the idea of judgment and into the celebration of you. Experiencing how she immediately sets people at their best allows for magical things to happen in a very short time.

Her interests in art, music, fashion, beauty, books and design are passionate - I dare you to take a moment of your time to peruse her interviews and writing at Mitsou and her personal passions at Cozy Sweater Cafe.

With that said, she invited me to photograph Lissa & Quentin’s home in Montreal’s West Island — to celebrate it’s inviting interiors and the inspiring vision of Tammy Skjenna at Oxford Street Design.

Personally, I have been going through my own winter-long house gutting and renovating project of our 1892 Montreal home and it felt good to see the others on the other side of their renovations.

Some of my favorite details here are the abundance plants, the hardwood patterned floors, the brass hardware in the kitchen, the sun-filled rooms, the dining room chairs (I have since searched everywhere for these — I can’t find them!) and the couplings of decor you can find in every corner. I am also currently on the hunt for a dog statue lamp… or any animal-related lamp really. I love lamp. (That’s for the Anchorman fans out there).

Really, what you should do is visit the actual house tour at Cozy Sweater Cafe. (But for the sake of content, and SEO, here are some of the photos I took for that tour.)