Alice in Blush Collaboration

May was quite the month and trust that in earlier versions of this blog post, I went on about it. But in short, it was busy on the work side of the balance coin, and busy on the life side of the coin as we tried to finish up our renovations and move back into our home.

Of the work side my hope to collaborate with Lisa Abi Chedid — local Montreal wedding dress designer of Alice in Blush — happened after our initial coffee in her studio at the start of last winter. We bit the bullet after a series of opportunities presented themselves and our little crew squeezed into my bedroom while the renovations continued downstairs.

This was an opportunity for us to play, to create something not so typically bridal. We used three different outfits from Alice in Blush: the first being more on the bridal side and then having some fun with allll the tulle in classic pink and in layers of violet, fuschia and black.

Some of my favorite photographers are fashion photographers and the common theme they hold is how they create shape in their images. Yes, light is at play. So is color. But ultimately they’ve managed to find movement and almost create something sculptural as well. This is something I wanted to explore.

The best part of the day was just getting to know these women, all so passionate about their respective life path’s, and the bonding that occurred in our conversations about working in weddings and for ourselves. The consensus we reached was that social media can be used for good: collaboration and community. Anything else that leaves you feeling the FOMO or lesser than should be kicked curbside.

Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Dresses: Alice in Blush

Model: Alice Anne

Makeup: Makeup by MaryK

Thank you to these hard-working women for this fun collaboration!