A Whirlwind Wedding on the long weekend in June

Over the phone in February, Audrey told me about her whirlwind romance and that Shahid had proposed to her atop of The Burj Khalifa over the holidays. The immediate thing I picked up on was Audrey’s humor and love for life, it’s hard not to get swept up in it and I was excited to see where this partnership would take us.

Just as an aside, I love to hear wedding proposal stories because they’re unique to that couple and I know how that moment becomes an anchor in their history book. Even if you have been together for years, there is this sense of it marking another type of beginning within that relationship. It’s hard to think that a small moment like that can be so significant, but certainly in my own experience everything shifted. I think it has something to do with the symbolic act of acknowledging that we’re really serious about each other.

As a wedding photographer, it’s a great ice breaker question and it helps contribute to the ways in which I will frame a couple’s wedding story visually.

Audrey & Shahid’s wedding lived large in its scope - what I mean by that is that the range over which we covered Montreal was wide AND it was St.Jean weekend. The big bonus was having a hired car for the day, so parking in places like the Old Port did not seem to be an issue and certainly Suzanne (the associate photographer) and I felt like we won the lottery when we stumbled on a parking spot.

I give full props to Audrey, Shahid and their Wedding Party for being completely up for everything. There sense of fun and collaborative spirit provided a wealth of photos that I have painstakingly tried to pare down here.

Thank you to Audrey & Shahid — it was an adventure I will never forget and I am really proud of the story we told here.

Associate Photographer: Suzanne Bateman Venue: Plaza Volare Dress: Chateau Nadia MUA: Rubie Coiffure DJ & Entertainment: Aura Productions