Annabelle! You’ve out done yourself! These are so awesome and you were so lovely navigating our (wedding day) ... can’t wait to see more photos!!!!!!
— Kelci & Ben, Married July 2019
...ANNABELLE WHAT EVEN?!?? we don’t know how you do this, but you must know you’re magic personified... we are grateful and happy with all the people that helped us on our big day but you were someone special that came along at just the right moment when we were discouraged and floundering, and finding you seemed to bless the rest of the planning process... you never let us down and were always true to your word, we knew no matter what happened we had our Ace; we would have beautiful pictures because of you. To say we’re overwhelmed is to say the least; .... Your professionalism, your attention to detail, your phenomenal way with our people (several guests told us how impressed they were with you!) and the way you helped us stay calm and focused, because you were there every step of the way up to and including our wedding day, was an integral part to our wedding day feeling less like a blur. Thank you, thank you, a million trillion times THANK YOU!”
— S & M, married August 2019
“I just received your sneak peek!!! Oh my gosh!!! I love your work! Thank you!!!... Your work is more than expected. There is so many I love. I can’t wait to see the rest!”
— Audrey & Shahid, Married June 2019
You’re really so talented and such a pleasure to work with. You’re definitely in the right business :)
— Stefania & Colin, Married May 2019



Wedding_Stefania Colin_Final-102.jpg
Self Portrait on Martha’s Vineyard, July 2019

Self Portrait on Martha’s Vineyard, July 2019


Hello! All the business books would tell me that this current profile pic is too serious — but, look, the light was glorious and I love how it got framed in my arms. So for now, this picture stays. (But trust I normally look less posed.)

A few essential things about me: I have a BFA in Photography circa 2005… when the world still operated in film. I once co-owned a sewing atelier in the Monkland Village of Montreal called Emeline & Annabelle and I spent a good ten years in the digital marketing & project management space before I returned back to photography professionally almost three years ago.

My husband Dave and I met when I was bartending in an Irish pub in downtown Montreal. The benefit of being with an Irishman is spending summers on the Irish coast and understanding what’s the craic. We have a couple of beautiful kids and do our best to find balance between our individual passions, quality family time and growing our businesses. I’m lucky to have my passion intertwined with my business.

We had our wedding weekend in 2014 up in Mont Tremblant, photographed by Joel & Justyna. A former skeptic about creating a big to do about ‘myself’, I realized after our own wedding that you can never plan for the magic felt in a room filled with people you love. That occasion seldom happens and can not be underestimated. As I get older and more Life happens, you realize just how swift it can change. I stand by occasions that celebrate those you love. I also love to photograph them.

As a wedding photographer I do my best to live out a couples story, to be hyper present, to frame what feels artful but real, and find the light that really helps build on the feelings of the day. I love how unique each day I’ve photographed has felt and feel honored to have been an active participant in their celebration.

There is always always so much more but that’s a sum of some of my parts.

Reach out and introduce yourself - !

xo Annabelle





BOOKING 2019-20

Celebrate the love in your life and have your wedding day moments made timeless, capturing candid celebration. Hallmark your occasion with attention paid to exquisite details, the quiet in between and the heartfelt sentiments. Photography that radiates the way the day felt, a story that will be shared now and captivate generations to come.


The best reason to have an engagement session is to do something different with your partner — a fun date, really. It’s also a great way to recognize this big moment in your life, before you go off and plan a wedding together.


Family portraits, portraits and company events are other services I provide as well. I also occasionally collaborate with local vendors on creative projects from time to time.